South Jersey Water Test, LLC is an independent, highly specialized laboratory focused on the sampling and analysis of drinking water. The laboratory was formed specifically to provide services to people wanting their drinking water tested, such as homeowners, landlords, realtors, home inspectors, well drillers, consultants, business owners, and builders. The goal of SJWT is to provide friendly, professional, reasonably priced, and high quality sampling and testing services.

The laboratory Owner and Lab Director, Mark J. Riether, was born and raised in Southern New Jersey. He has a Bachelor of Science degree and over fifteen years of environmental laboratory experience. His breadth of experience and knowledge is deeply routed in New Jersey’s regulatory programs as well as the most sophisticated EPA and Dept. of Defense programs.

The laboratory is centrally located to serve all South Jersey counties. All of SJWT’s sampling technicians are specially trained and equipped to properly collect potable well samples. The technicians perform on-site, certified pH testing ("analyze immediately" parameter) as well as obtain Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates for Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) requirements. A complete Chain of Custody document is initiated to track sample movement. The laboratory receives the samples and NJDEP certified methods are performed to insure high quality and acceptance by the regulatory authorities. Final reports are prepared and sent via fax and/or US mail in addition to electronic data reporting for PWTA sample results.

The purpose of SJWT is to test the water of homes and buildings that use a private well for drinking water. The business is designed to be independent and customer driven while offering fast, accurate, and NJDEP certified laboratory analysis. The laboratory offers a high level of technical services and provides exceptional personal attention.

To learn more, call toll free: 866-875-7940.

Why test with us?

Chain of Custody – SJWT adheres to proper protocol to document sample collection and sample movement.

Sample Collection – SJWT uses approved and accepted sampling protocols. Centrally located in Southern New Jersey. Dispatch fully trained & equipped samplers to cover all Counties in South Jersey.

Certification – SJWT performs only NJDEP certified drinking water laboratory methods.

Sample Containers – SJWT purchases only new and certified pre-cleaned sample containers.

Reporting – SJWT conforms all reporting to the PWTA requirements, including the electronic submittal to the NJDEP’s database.

Turn Around Time – SJWT's standard turnaround time is 7-10 working days from when the sample is collected. Written reports and electronic data submittals are routinely mailed to clients within 10-12 working days. Expedited services are generally available. We urge you to contact the laboratory in advance to arrange for special turnaround situations and to determine the surcharge.

Quality Assurance – SJWT maintains an in-house Quality Assurance/Quality Control program. The program includes lab method blanks, duplicates, matrix spikes, matrix spike duplicates, external quality control samples and participation in the Proficiency Testing programs required for certification.

Retention of Reports –SJWT retains copies of analytical reports for a period of five (5) years.

Legally Defensible Data – SJWT ensures: sample traceabililty, sample custody, sample integrity, sample analysis activities, and accountability for all lab records.

Compliance – all samples will be collected, preserved, analyzed, and reported in accordance with the applicable NJDEP and Health Department guidelines. For the PWTA, this includes pH measurement performed in the field (analyzed immediately), Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, and NJDEP electronic reporting.

Customer Service – knowledgeable staff and experienced chemists combined with extensive back-up resources will insure your questions get answered.